Technical Support/Repair Services

Cook's Computer Solutions technicians offer technical support and repair. Our technicians have over 20 years experience to work on business systems, systems for non-profit organizations, school systems and personal systems. Let our technicians assist you in keeping your system at peak performance. References provided upon request.

Technical Support

  • Service Call to YOUR Location
    • Business
    • Non-profit
    • School
    • Home

Please call 270.444.7699 to schedule a service call in advance. We can usually offer same week service calls, but availability is on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Drop Off Support and Repair
    • Evaluations and Estimates
    • Equipment may be dropped off during a scheduled time. Call or Schedule Online.

Please Note: Dropping off equipment does not guarantee you will be talking directly with a technician. All Cook's Computer Solutions staff members are trained to assist you with this process. Technicians are busy and may be out on service calls or working on other client's equipment. If you specifically need to speak to a technician, please let us know this in advance and we can schedule a time for you.

  • Email Support
  • Phone Support
    • Phone Cook's Computer Solutions staff at 270.444.7699
    • If you have an issue for a technician and he/she is available, you may speak to the technician. Otherwise, a time will be scheduled for a technician to phone you back.

Please Note: Not all technical problems can be solved via email or phone. A service call to your location still may be suggested. This is done to insure professional and accurate solutions to the problem.